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Gill Apothecary Journey Beard Oil is hand crafted in small batches with meticulous attention to detail, using 9 organic oils; Avocado, Tamanu, Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Almond, Calendula, Argan, Rosehip Seed, and Coconut. Why are we so detail oriented?  Because we created this beard oil for personal use after experiencing the same problems, and searching for a product to provide relief, just like you. Unlike many commercial beard oils that are mass produced, using additives and fillers which provide no advantage for you skin; Our oils provide what your skin and beard need to be the healthiest it can be. 

A precise ratio of these oils provides:

  • Soothing relief to your face
  • Calms the beard itch in a hurry
  • Quickly relieves skin flaking
  • Leaves you skin feeling smooth and hydrated
  • Softens your beard, and it will feel as amazing as it looks
  • Enjoy the natural scent of the oils only. No scent added